Ben Affleck and other geeky things

Ben Affleck is a good choice, something not heard often recently.

Affleck has long departed the company of Damon and Kevin Smith but with that he has learned well, his acting has dramatically got better over the years and fitted well in the driving seat as a director and writer and with that comes a head which is ready to fit in the cowl.

Reading the Dark Knight Returns you can see this role is not “comic-like” in the way other Batman Comics are set, if they truly want to go this way structure will be set on how Batman gets over hurdles which prevent him doing the things he could do in the past, also a hard crust of politics surrounds the story line which I think Affleck can portray easily enough.

He will have to bulk up and he with have to become haggard and grumpy and republican but if he gets the character right and pulls off a great performance he will be in the role for a long time to come, a missed opportunity for Christian Bale in my mind.

Superman is not my favourite hero, I have yet to see Man of Steel but I shall do it as I am now truly interested on how they have revamped the poster boy scout.

Superman is a difficult character to support, he has all this power, he can jump and flout in the air and is almost impossible to defeat unless you get a certain colour stone *yawn* he does everything the government wants him to do without hesitation and I find him irritating. I hope this gets the right Nolan touch and we will see a hero truely re-resurrected.

Punisher needs a new movie! I have recently got into the Max published Punisher comics and simply put AMAZING and I believe this comic can have a series run of films and a cult following please make this happen!