Harvester: A family eatery for all the family, unless one of them is disabled.

When I opened The Black Dawg blog, I thought The Tweeter also Blogs was dead, as dead as the duck my wife had in her Chinese meal a few weeks ago, deader than the lost episode of Tom and Jerry committing joint suicide, deader than Harvesters ethics in the Ham Farm branch Eastleigh… That was not the subtle way of getting on to this subject but for crying out loud they have annoyed me.

Once in a while you decide to read a paper due to the fact I’m of the socialist persuasion so have a habit of reading the Guardian, Independent & maybe the Mirror if I’m forced too; when this story came to light this time round I was perusing the Metro on my tablet computer, my emotions were rampant first utter unbelief, then sadness ran through me which lead to anger for the family involved, it was a disgusting treatment towards them and certainly unwarranted.

In the liked articles above I read that not one customer who were around this family had actually complained, In fact after working in the similar industry I can almost guarantee it would be not an issue with any staff members who are more than likely on minimum wage and it’s not worth their jobs; the manager though I bet you he/she took issue with it as big boss person!

You see when your manager at the Ham Farm Harvester decided to pick on a family with a disabled child you made me wonder how many people with disabilities have been refused service by your company, but out of embarrassment didn’t complain.

My wife has a disability called Multiple Sclerosis and coincidently works with people with disabilities at the National Star College and donates time to Glos Young Carers two groups of people your company, Harvester, may have offended with these actions.

I had a weak reply on twitter when I had questioned you about it, maybe this time less of the spin but more detail, what are you going to do to ensure that this NEVER happens to people ever again?

• Has the person or persons who perpetrated this ignorant and callous act at Eastleigh Harvester been brought to justice?
• Will you apologise and correctly compensate (no measly £100.oo vouchers) the Brennan’s so they can finally have the goodbye meal they deserve in a restaurant of their choosing?
• Will you be sending ALL your staff on a course in which they will learn the correct way of treating disabled persons, including ones who may have disabilities they cannot see?
• Will you put a system in place where people with disabilities can give feedback about their personal experience of their treatment at your eatery?
• And will you promise that it will take less than 7 days to get all of these things in place so no one has to be victims of ignorance again?

I am personally no longer taking my business to Harvester, we have a couple in the area of Gloucester and the Quedgeley branch is one my parents have frequented many times. I’m going to ask all of my friends, family and twitter followers not to give business to their local Harvester until we hear or read about a huge change in the company. In six days since this story broke I think that your company has been trying to be sweep this under the carpet with weak political like answers and I also believe after all this coverage no change will be enforced, ball is your court prove me wrong.

James Hoddy.