No it’s not a good deal.

RE: European deal.

I don’t think it’s a good one, in fact one could say that penalising people who want to work is positively stupid, not one person who I spoke to actually thinks Europeans who work are the overall issue, it’s the ones “only here for the £60 a week benefits” (sounds stupid every. fucking. time).

You guys aren’t dumb anyone to read my ramblings know that this is all a ploy for a relatively quick and simple referendum, one we should not be having for the reason that if a political feel like me cannot start to see both arguments on either side, nor understand the complexities then how can a Farage supporting xenophobic bigot do so?

They cannot because there is no such document that exists that is not politically spun, factual nor informative enough to grasp what the European Union is, what it does, how it grows, how it helps and what the people individually gain for being tax (or even non-tax) paying members!

Every bloke from the centre left to the far right look like well shined pebbles with a face on it that sounds like a dull drone quoting numbers and the far right look like moronic spitting image puppets that sound like they might break out into the propoganda song played in the SS camps during WWII for all the lies they spin.

I went on the fence about Europe for the last month, I asked for the out camp to give me something that I can hang my hat on that is not biased, factual, the whole truth and cannot be easily rebuttable through a Google search and I got either Nigel Farage or a Nigel Farage double who said simply “we will get better out of Europe, we will be better out of Europe” and I’m not really paraphrasing too much, that is a pathetic argument very similar to that of every current Trump speech!

the 10th time hearing that  I got bored, the rest was lies, in fact there are some really easy things they can attack like oh I don’t know… TTIP? But you know that will directly hurt Farage and Carswell friends if they brought more attention to it.

I think if we were given an out of any effect of TTIP on that negotiation table it would have been a very good and a game changer on our relationship with Europe, but the Conservatives want TTIP to be deployed it will be the next step in the current Economic system and the end to any hope of getting out of Austerity.

long blog journey right?

My theory is that separation from Europe would have been tough, it would take years before the last T was crossed and in the meantime the situation would have cooled that we would probably choose to re-join as the ghastly truth rears its head that we need each other equally.

We’re a country of banking now, we might even lose some of that if we leave Europe as trading gets more difficult before one-on-one deals are made to reopen borders again.

Our skill jobs have been chipped away making white collar jobs more prolific in this country, what makes you scratch your head is why ministers are wonder why productivity is low? Simply put it’s easier to prove productivity when you’re producing something like cars, steel, coal, clothing, electrical and food goods than telling someone to scan more foreign goods of all the above through the till quicker when people are not shopping.

you can try and sell our bankers and customer service representatives over seas but they might have something to say about that! Invest more in Britain and we might be able to be the UKIPesq strong Britain which every country needs but at the moment we’re probably seen as that annoying beagle running away with Europes underwear and burying it in our green and pleasant land.