I voted for him, now I’m his biggest critic.

I have a history seeped in the Labour Party, my grandfather was a Methodist and trade unionist Labour supporter my father is an Engineer and my mother a Health Care Assistant who, until recently, were both dye cast reds.

My dad stood in local council elections for the Labour Party and the chat around me growing up was filled with vitriol towards the Conservative party, this was a shared feeling with all members of the family. If I was to be honest with myself for a long time I’m one of those tribal voters who grew up on the left and would stay on the left the difference is now that I cannot stay with a party who say they’re on the left but now firmly in the centre.

During my time in the Labour Party I was a Gordon Brown supporter, I found his more left wing style was refreshing after years of the Tony Blair new Labour. When it came to leadership selection I was never going to vote for David Miliband. The majority of Gloucester Labour Party agreed that Andy Burnham was probably the best candidate of them all however the chances he had of winning was small so they decided that they were going to back David Miliband. I did not vote for David in fact he was the last person in my selection, in that moment I stood up for the measured thinking of Ed Miliband who was more likened to that of Attlee than Blair, and we really needed to stay away from having a New Labour like leadership again.

Gloucester is a swing state in the broadest sense of the political statement. Only very rarely has a majority council existed until recently historically before then it hadn’t happened since 1988. Labour thrived in Gloucester during the Blair years and our Labour MP who was a charismatic leader and people were genuinely sad to see him leave office, but it was inevitable when the Gordon Brown train slowed, a few mistakes were made and due to chief whips getting MP’s to vote against their own policies the right wing press in Gloucester who had their guns out for Parmjit Dhanda from the beginning (really racist reaction to him standing) took him apart.

I said that Ed Miliband was going to get the top job and I was elated when he did, I had hopes that we were going to move away from the flash lizard-like slick politics, to something of substance and gravitas and a move towards a party which will be far more progressive than any previous administration, I was very wrong; If Labour wins it will not be because of Ed Miliband, fact is any political geek knows that Labour will be the next administration, they have been ahead in the polls by a couple of points continuously and even Gordon Brown at his worse made a majority Conservative government impossible. UKIP will take enough votes from the Conservatives to get Labour through in the swing seats however I genuinely think that Gloucester will not go red though.

I come down to this I’m not going to do a kiss and tell of all the dirty goings on in Gloucester CLP, they know why people have left them in droves, they know why they cannot poll well against a nonexistent Conservative MP, they know they had a couple of better candidates who were hard working, good progressive socialist candidates who had rooted interests and local standings within the community and they know full well why they ended up with someone who has no vested interest in Gloucester and will move on if she doesn’t get in during the 2015 election.

I’m sorry to all those Labour supporters who think that I go for easy shots to the Labour leader that I voted for, I was a passionate supporter of a party of the working class people, I used hours of my time promoting them and I know full well that there are good people within the Labour ranks however there are also some left over ejaculates of the Blair government. The big headache which is never talked about are stuck in the Grass Roots of politics and that is ‘Professional Politicians’ these guys do not carry a banner for any one party they’re people who will stand for anyone as long as they can boost their career and eventually become an MP, these are the people we see who look the same, always on the fence around any issue which could make them look bad in the left or right wing media. These are the politicians who are driving people away from being involved in politics.

If you are a Green Party member you know that even trying to be career politician is not exactly a fruitful endeavour; if you join UKIP you will become a fruitcake with policies of homophobia, xenophobia, classism, racism and the occasional case of denying people with disabilities the option to stand for your own party for election. The money will always be in Labour or the Conservative party, that is their own fault they are attracting the wrong sort of candidate people who only care for lining their own pockets and getting a job which will lead them on to a better job after politics.

I left Labour when I honestly though they were pandering to the media, when they decided to firmly stand on the centre line and no longer had the guts to go out there and fight for what they believe in, they campaign for something and will drop it when someone strongly disagrees with them in the papers, they’re more likely to listen to Katy Hopkins and Jeremy Clarkson’s drivel in the right wing newspapers than one of the people on the street who will probably tell them that they would never choose policies based on what these idiots write in a tabloids.

I chose to stay close to my beliefs and decided to join the Green Party, why? Because Caroline Lucas is out there listening, fighting, progressive and has a genuine heart compared to those suits in Government, maybe Ed Miliband should shadow her for a day just to remind him of how to do his job properly. There is a reason that the Green Surge is a true threat to not only the Liberal Democrats but to the Labour Party, unlike UKIP they will not be a by-election blip and not just a vote of protest; The Green Party have been growing steadily for many years with a hard lined manifesto that is gaining support with younger voters, their membership has been growing steadily and has an MP which has had a career before politics and gives clear unbiased views and answers not dripping in spin.

I think people in the Green Party members and their PPC’s know that things are not going to change overnight but the way that politics is currently being done is going to have to change in order for people to engage in politics. We need to see a change in the voting system, one that is not going to benefit any one party and not going to shore up either Labour or the Conservatives and only then will we see the United Kingdom grow as a democracy for the people.

James Hoddy